Danita and horse

Danita B.

Last June, Chili caught his hoof under a sliding metal door and sliced the coronet band along with breaking the cofin bone (I'm assuming when he kicked in panic). My vet said he had a 50/50 chance of the leg and hoof reattaching, which was a battle we lost.

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Marissa riding Horse

Marissa C.

 Equine Trainer and Competitor

When I started to train my Andalusian/Arabian to canter and jump his hooves began to chip all the time. We put front shoes on but we were still having chips!

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Dawn riding horse

Dawn M.

Equine Trainer and Competitor 

My name is Dawn and I’m from South Dakota. Whether I am training or competing, horses are my passion and Farrier’s Formula has earned my respect in case after case. Below are two photos of horses with very different stories, but with the same successful ending….

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Houck's Horse Farm

A1 Houck's Miniatures & Horse Farm

Thank you for having such a great product, Farrier's Formula.

We have used this product not only on our own quarter horse with a cracked hoof but also on some of the stallions on the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.

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Will and his horse

Will A.

I met you at the Life Data Labs booth at the Madison, WI show. I wanted to keep you up to date with the changes in my Peruvian after two weeks of your hoof supplement.

The name of my horse is 'Sonador' (Dreamer) after the horse in the movie of the same name. I chose that name because like the horse in the movie, this Dreamer was destined for the same fate when she was offered to me as a rescue. She wasn't unusable because of a health problem but rather because she had never been handled and through neglect and abuse she was a pretty extreme animal for anyone to handle. Thus I was the last hope for her.

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