Sandra O.

Paddy the Horse

“I own a 12 year old Tinker, Paddy, and a 4 year old noble blooded Haflinger, Locke. From the beginning Paddy has always had severe hoof problems. He is prone to hair lice and mites and suffers frequently from diarrhea. In fact, I've had to deal with these problems since he was 1 ½ years old. . The mite infestation appears in the form of a rash and inflamed pastern dermatitis. Over the years we have tested countless different feeds, supplements, powders, and all sorts of creams etc. I always fed him products suitable for horse´s with obesity and easy-keepers, adhering to strict feeding guidelines.  For a while I also fed special muesli for horses with digestive problems. Everything helped only for a limited period, some products being more effective than others. Of course, I also had blood tests done on a regular basis. Apart from a case of selenium deficiency and also a zinc deficiency, the results were normal.

Then last autumn, an acquaintance recommended Life Data Labs. I googled it and then called them. At that time Paddy had developed countless white hairs on his head and looked really old and generally in poor condition. Life Data asked me to send photos and then prepared a feeding program including the Farrier's Formula Double Strength. In addition, they advised me to treat the hooves with Life Data Hoof Clay.

Now half a year later, the hooves no longer break and chip, the frog is not prone to thrush and the white hairs are hardly present. The coat is soft and shiny as never before. I could not have imagined such a great transformation. The rash spots have healed well and, thankfully, the diarrhea has not reoccurred.  The best thing of all is that I suddenly have a Tinker that is so eager to work.  I have not experienced this surge of vitality since I owned him despite purchasing specially formulated minerals for tinkers from a homeopathic specialist over a long period of time.

I am endlessly happy. Now is the red bird mite season, and so far, I have not noticed any adverse symptoms with Paddy. Life Data is still taking great care of us. I keep sending photos of both horses and receive regular advice. I have never experienced this kind of nutritional advice and care.

I purchased the Haflinger Locke last year in late summer. He had such funny, flaky dry fur. Once again, I approached Life Data for their opinion. My aim was for both horse´s to receive the best nutrition.  Locke´s blood test showed signs of selenium deficiency. I received the selenium from the vet. His hooves were nowhere near as bad as Paddy’s, but they were very short, and the frog was not in great condition either. In combination with the selenium he was also fed the Farrier’s Formula Double Strength. After feeding the selenium we switched him to Barn Bag and, again, the hooves have become “top notch” and the flaky coat is history.”

Sandra O.

Before and After Hooves