Pferd Zandiro


"My now 19-year-old Welsh Cob gelding suffered recurring attacks of laminitis over a two-year period.  We only managed to control this temporarily.  In the first and worst flare-up, there was a strong rotation of the coffin bone on the left front hoof.  X-rays showed that the coffin bone was about to break through the sole area.

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Ol Raspy Before and After Hooves

Ol Raspy Horseshoeing

"The Ol Raspy Horseshoeing family wanted to share one of our most recent accomplishments that involved using the Life Data product, Farrier's Formula. In August of 2023, we had a new client contact us looking for guidance because she had been having trouble with her horse's hooves. This is a well-taken-care-of show horse who was on supplements and proper feed. When Jed Durnay APF-1, owner of Ol Raspy, went out and met the horse, he knew that he could help this horse with the aid of Farrier’s Formula. The owner immediately put her horse on the product. Four weeks later, Jed went back out to work on the horse and could see an obvious change. Everybody knew at that point that it was in the horse's best interest to continue the product and to keep the horse on a 4-week rotation.

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Anje-Meike M.

"In March, I purchased my Irish Cob, Johnny, who at the time was suffering from a crack on the right hind hoof. Our Hoof Trimmer recommended the Life Data products. I followed his advice and since June have fed Farrier's Formula exclusively in combination with hay and straw. In addition, I applied Life Data Hoof Clay and Farrier's Finish to the hoof crack. The hoof quality has noticeably improved. I now feed Farrier's Formula on a regular basis at the correct amount for his body weight.

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Larissa K.

"I would like to give you a brief insight into my experience and success with Farrier´s Formula Double Strength.

Until January 2021 my 9 year old cob, Indian, had always suffered from poor hoof quality, hardly any hoof sole, and a very thin hoof wall. In addition he was diagnosed with serious Podotrochlose on both front legs. He regularly lost his shoes every two weeks. I soon realized that I it would not be possible to have him shod any longer. The main problem was his very poor hoof wall substance.

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Jet and Owner

Heather W.

"It has been a long journey for my 14-year-old daughter and her horse Jet (a 14-year-old Appendix). My daughter Hannah spent all of 2020 training and preparing to compete at the Western Dressage World Championship Show. She and Jet trained 5 days a week. Of course, 2020 was very different from other years and shortly into the second half of the year things changed drastically for Hannah and Jet. He is generally very tender footed after being trimmed by the farrier, but this time he didn't get better after his trim. A few weeks went by of Hannah soaking and wrapping Jet's front feet, but he never got better. We thought maybe he had an abscess. We called the farrier and the vet out to take x-rays.

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