Orange Crush Intro

Lorie B.

I had never had the pleasure of owning a horse before but in 2014 I decided to take the plunge and bought a beautiful chestnut quarter horse. Orange Crush does a little of everything, hunter, lower level dressage and trail. One thing I noticed right away is that this horse had nice feet. He was from northern Virginia where the land is very hilly, and the pastures are therefore dryer. Shortly after he came to Virginia Beach his feet began to change.

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Candace Dressage Horse

Candace B.

 U.S. Training Rider of the Year Credits Farriers Formula® DS Plus Joint!

When I was a teenager, I owned a horse named Fantastic Voyage who had awful feet.  I put him on Farriers Formula®, by Life Data Labs, Inc and he was able to win team gold at Young Riders (the Junior Olympics)! I am now a full time trainer, coach, clinician, and competitor in the sport of Eventing.

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After of Horse

Casey R.

UNCLE SI (aka Rusty), An 11 year old bay Q.H. came into the local animal shelter as a cruelty case. He was emaciated, teeth were in horrible condition, and he had a broken spine and a useless tail from the break. It was suspected by his young owner he was suffering from EPM but he wasn’t! After we had him seen by the vet and I started him on proper course of action...... teeth floated, wormed, good food and hay (which he hates-lol), proper rest along with rehab, and Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Plus Joint supplement, we got his owner to sign him over to me.

Farrier's Formula® DS Plus Joint: Casey R

Candace B. Video

Competition Horse Recovers Faster With Farrier's Formula® DS Plus Joint

Named 2016 USEA Training Rider of the Year and part of Team Gold at NAJYRC 98,’ Candace Bell knows just how difficult competing can be on your horse; especially in the world of three-day eventing. With daily training and regular competition, a horse’s health, nutrition, and body condition are vital ingredients for peak performance. Over the past year, Candace has added Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint to her competition horse’s feeding program. Since beginning this hoof, coat and joint supplement, Candace has seen drastic improvement in her horse’s performance. Her horse is now always on the top of her game and recovers faster after competing in three-day events.

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Before and After Farrier's Formula

Janis L.

Charger’s Story

When I first met twenty-year old American Saddlebred “Charger” at Whippoorwill Horse Rescue (Turtletown, TN), I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” I was on a trip when the Rescue contacted me about “a sad boy.” His eyes were closed and drippy; he looked as if he had given up. Euthanasia would be better than life for him, I thought. But more photos came. I saw a light in his eyes. “Go get him.” I was committed. And I was scared. His feet were terrible; his legs were swollen; his kidney function was poor; his liver enzymes were out of whack; and he was anemic. My vet was sure he heard a heart murmur: That muscle just didn’t have any strength left to beat. I didn’t know if Charger would survive the 30-mile ride to my farm. But he did, arriving on May 7, 2017.

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